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Monday, July 19, 2004

Anyone for WeBlog?

Why am I here?
I recently read Pattern Recognition by William Gibson.
It delighted me.
And so
I googled him.
I see he keeps a blog -- and so I go to find out what the hell a blog is.

And I realize a blog is that thing I despise: a journal.

I despise journals because they tell us everything, everything, everything.
Where is the poetry in that?



Blogger colin said...

Ah, but the genius of WG's blog is that it was not a journal. He deliberately did not tell us everything, or anything much at all, really. And so it is with most good blogs. Like good poetry includes only necessary words, a blog should only include necessary posts.

Not that I would know anything about that.

11:12 AM, July 20, 2004  
Blogger Aisha said...

Blogging on then -- as someone did
comment and imply
that a blog
like that of Gibson's
can be sparse as poetry, maybe adhere
to a pattern

I am going now
to read him.

And he says:

"I’ve found blogging to be a low-impact activity, mildly narcotic and mostly quite convivial, but the thing I’ve most enjoyed about it is how it never fails to underline the fact that if I’m doing this I’m definitely not writing a novel – that is, if I’m still blogging, I’m definitely still on vacation. I’ve always known, somehow, that it would get in the way of writing fiction, and that I wouldn’t want to be trying to do both at once. The image that comes most readily to mind is that of a kettle failing to boil because the lid’s been left off."

and as he leaves his last blog:

"I crave the sweet and crazy-making difficulties that can only be imposed by (...) a formal narrative."

Thank you Colin, for sending me there: yes
a blog can be
worth reading.

But is it worth

Aisha ponders her next instalment, waiting and seeing.

4:33 PM, July 20, 2004  
Blogger Rich Rosenthal II said...

They are probably worth writing but I dont know how easy it is to get people to read em. I stumbled here by chancing upon the william gibson board which I hadn't been to in a year. I'm surprised this title was available.

9:47 AM, July 23, 2004  
Blogger Aisha said...

Rich -- I returned the favour :) Shockingly Provincial is another wonderful name for a Blog -- but I learnt something else from you, besides I could have sold this Blog title! -- to use links. My next project.


11:22 AM, July 23, 2004  
Blogger TheMyth said...


Blogging will ruin your life. But make you seem smarter.
Blogging will ruin your mind. But make you think you're released.
Blogging will ruin your body. But make you feel more active.

I feel like I have this massive blogging deficiency.

5:28 PM, July 29, 2004  
Blogger Judy Clem said...

"This blog does NOT allow anonymous comments." Right off the bat I am given fair warning. And this from the girl who once tried to keep her country secret! ;)
Okay. Now I know what a blog is and naturally I immediately started one of my own. Nothing on it yet worth looking at but who knows what may come of it. Thanks. Was great seeing you all again this week.

11:56 PM, August 21, 2004  
Blogger Aisha said...

Myth and Judy,
Thank you for looking in as I blog on. The We Blog started on our poetry vacation did not do much, hasty comments added in retrospect (was it Tuesday we saw the alligators or was that the cemetery...)

But hopefully when I return from Sunnyside, Greenpoint Avenue where I am looking openmouthed at a manageably- sized view of the Empire State Building in-between visits to the Romanian bakery and this excellent internet cafe at 41-16 Greenpoint Ave, called Marcatel, I shall Blog it on to my Blog.


4:50 PM, August 23, 2004  

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