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Friday, November 12, 2004

Advantages of A One-Room Apartment

I did read somewhere that fish grow in proportion to their pond -- you see few really big fish in a little pond.
If the roots of a pot-plant have nowhere to go, I imagine you end up
with a kind of bonsai...

So maybe a small flat works like a diet?
Just a thought.

Going to catch the update! Faster this time...

And I DID!

At 05.08.37 pm their time.

Either side of me were:

1) A blog full of pics of female models...too boring for me at least.


2) A blog called The Report with the following interesting quote:

In light of George Bush's first real victory in an election for the position of president of the United States, I'm trying to think of ways in which I can avoid his policies from touching on me directly. Here's what my girlfriend, friends and I have come up with so far:
-Establish my own sovereignty. I've always wanted to have more power over my life, and I think that becoming my own country, leader, populace, and tourist attraction holds many benefits: I'd be a strong but fair ruler over me; I'd not let myself get into scuffles which didn't directly threaten my own personal liberties or freedoms (especially since I'm such a coward); I'd spare no cigarette, no alchohol, indeed no fatty or salty food from myself because, after all, it's my health care plan anyway; no taxes; and a daily election because, after all, I might get tired of ruling myself (or would my self get tired of my rule?) and wish to hand the power over to someone else for a while. I'm currently eyeing my girlfriend for that position.

Thanks, Spoonturtle, for the laugh. And good luck...


Blogger paula said...

Thanks for the laugh, Aisha, to you and Spoonturtle. I love his program, might consider a similar one to rule, with absolute power, over myself. You know there are some limits at present, don't you,A?

5:49 PM, November 13, 2004  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm still trying to overthrow the despot.

P.S. That was very cute, about the small-apt. diet plan. Apparently they just found a prehistoric skeleton of hobbit-sized humans who grew small in order to adapt to limited resources--so I guess it works!

2:43 AM, November 21, 2004  

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