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Thursday, January 20, 2005

Best Email All Day (with Dashboard Dashing!)

What made me smile today (in the tradition of The Wife of the Portuguese Man, aka Anchored Nomad, see my links) was a carilloneur. Hands up those who know what THAT is-- before peeking at my link.

OK, thirty-three point thirty-six per cent of my audience (1 reader out of my full 3!).

He sent me an email of a talk he was to give later that day on playing the concert carillon in our City Hall -- and later we saw a short movie of his view from the tower, of the bells, complete with sound -- wow!
And now I go Dashboard Dashing!

Edited in at 2.12.a.m. (here):
It didn't work -- couldn't find my blog on the list. Maybe this revision will get on there?

Edited in at 2.33.a.m. (here):
It didn't work -- I have decided to get a life.


Blogger Carol from Nevada said...

Of course, I know what a carrillon is. I have been to the Bok Singing Tower in Lake Wales, Florida. I deduced what a carrilloneur is. Thank you, much fun.

I visited your blog neighbors. At least they WERE your neighbors at one moment in cyberspace, which has so many characteristics of eternity, don't you think?


2:27 AM, January 25, 2005  
Blogger Aisha said...

I knew that, Carol-- you are that 1 in 3 smart well-travelled person :)

Neighbours in eternity! Eternity Blogs...Reality Rocks...Cyberspace Forever and so on.
Just had my brain fried by a neurosurgeon (now that sounded weird -- only for work, he was a witness in court case)

-- but yes, eternity is as intangible, unimaginable as cyberspace

What colour is it? Cyberspace? I think blue, like eternity. It is, isn't it, like sky.

3:03 PM, January 25, 2005  

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