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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Oh dear!

I went more than a month without posting again.

How have I spent my non-shopping time? Lapsing once, last weekend (which is not much if you have set aside a weekend for teenage shopper niece to go round all the jeans and shoes and DVD and cosmetics shops of Oslo, or as many as can be done in six uninterrupted hours!)

This was the lapse: half-price and we both love Harvey Keitel. I have forgiven myself.

Paul Auster's screenplay, Wayne Wang directing-- and it is about two ways of telling a story: in images or in words.

What else am I doing? reading newspapers in the flesh: in their paper clothing (how retro is that?) and cutting out interesting bits to send to friends or keep-- and on the Web (as we all do) -- cutting out links to send to friends or keep. The more it changes, the more it remains the same thing, as the French say.


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