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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Real Web Logs Log Your Web Use

Obvious, isn't it?
So -- going back to my roots, I just tried to log my evening on the Web.

And just lost a whole post -- it was cool too :(
I find blogger does that when you go to Preview and press Back button
instead of Hide Preview.

So I will keep it short and sweet.

Thanks for this link, Randy.

"...Weblogging started as a very simple concept. You keep a log of your web activity – where you've been, whom you've met, plus your thoughts and reactions – and then you publish this log as a series of links and comments, for others to read and use as a customized and topical snapshot of current web activity."(Tim Wright.)

1. Browsed web florists and ordered this amazingly weird Modern Style Bouquet for a friend abroad:

2. Answering a critiquer in a poetry thread, I found Carrots and Blue Dip

3. Called at to get nostalgic over last summer in New Orleans and an open mike poetry reading there.

4. William Gibson is still not posting in his blog.

5. And in The New York Times", I read about the jazz drummer Milford Graves, a musician healer in Queens, who analyzes heartbeat rhythms and pitches.

"When I hooked up to the four chambers of the heart, it sounded like four-part harmony," Mr. Graves said.

6. Starbucks has started playing Christmas music. Time to go for home-brew.


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