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Friday, September 30, 2005

The Planet Venus

I didn't know that Venus can be considered Earth's twin.

But it seems these identical twins developed in very different ways...OK, that's after a cursory read by a lay-person of this very interesting piece:

"One day on Venus, which alone of all the planets rotates backwards, lasts 243 Earth days. The planet's air is thick, at 90 times the pressure at sea level on Earth, and there are dense clouds of sulphuric acid. Violent winds race around 50 times faster than the planet spins, and vast hurricanes hang over each pole. The surface is paved with basalt dating from planet-wide eruptions no more than 500m years ago."

I have loved planets ever since the terrific BBC series The Planets in 1999. It may be a little dated by now, but it inspired a few poems at the time.

The Venus Express will soon be on its way there, to be launched 26 October. Follow its progress from here.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Don't Stick Sophia Loren On Your Wall

Don't Stick Sophia Loren On Your Wall
-- A Jealous Poem --

Over a beer, she tells us
how her father
had the hots for a film star

in the 60's. How her mother
laughed at cut-out pictures

"I would've hit him!" But
my outburst causes
dismay round the table,

so I add, "Terrible
taste: Katharine Hepburn
is a much better actress."



Grant, Cary (1904-1986)

:) Any excuse...

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Sky's photo of Grasmere

If you remember the post from 23 July this year, a water color from the Lakes -- well, here is the original view, through the lens of my new friend Sky, taken at the very same time:

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Blues for the anchored nomad

Read my fellow blogger's entry for 15 September.
Do fountain pens hate Sudoku?

Thursday, September 08, 2005

At a time like this

Horrified by what Katrina did to New Orleans, and what the Homeland Security and other authorities obviously failed to do for New Orleans -- there seems to be nothing more to say-- just pity the victims and hope that some lessons were learnt: transport and information up to the last minute for those who want to evacuate before the hurricane strikes, upkeep of the levees to a higher standard...

It is the people we think about, but I did see an egret on CNN today-- obviously distressed in the toxic sludge. Reminded me of the beautiful bayou (can't bring myself to worry about the alligators-- but I hope Alligator Annie's son is ok in Houma.)

Meanwhile back in Norway:

The duck is a muddy bedraggled "kvinand", I think.